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Buying braces at Vertical l'Accessoire: elegance for all

Take advantage of buying braces for men and women at Vertical l'Accessoire. You are sure to find what you are looking for among our many models.

The origin of braces can be traced back to centuries ago in France, when men wore strips of fabric sewn onto their trousers. At the time, the accessory was extremely popular and well regarded, but it was considered underwear and should not be visible in public. Braces became less popular in the 20th century, when trousers were no longer worn as high. But fortunately! Humphrey Bogart and Ralph Richardson wore them in their films, the latter even rushing out to buy six pairs when the Second World War broke out, fearing there would be a shortage when the fabric was rationed.
The button and clip straps are the stars of the Made in France brand which has been making accessories since 2015. They are available in several colours and widths to match your trousers. They are trendy and modern and will highlight a look to energize it and give it an undeniable Frenchy pep. We will give you advice on how to make the right choice in our elastic braces shop.
The Made in France suspender is an elastic piece available in several lengths. Plain straps with buttons, fancy straps with clips and children's straps are all opportunities to wear a trendy accessory. In red, burgundy or black, the clip-on suspender is made of elastic stretch. The material is made of polyester and polyamide, which makes it extremely durable and has a very fine, attractive weave across the entire width. The microfibres give them a long-lasting quality, even with daily and intensive use. Their colour does not fade over time and remains as fresh as the first day. On the back, they have a cowhide leather triangle stamped with the name of Vertical l'Accessoire to proudly display your belonging to the Made in France brand. Wearing these braces means belonging to a stylish and trendy movement close to urban chic culture.

Branded braces for a sophisticated and offbeat style

Take advantage of all our branded braces and give your outfit a whole new dimension.

Jeans straps are accessories that lend themselves to all kinds of style combinations. However, there are winning combinations every time, to look elegant, chic or relaxed dandy. Let's take a look at how to wear them to look stylish, sexy or just plain casual.
Wearing braces for men and women is a daily pleasure. Indeed, you can adapt your pair of braces to many outfits. With a bad boy or boyish look, beautiful braces for men and women are the extra that will make all the difference. Men's and women's braces are ideal for any style of dress, from cowboy for men to girly for women, Vertical's braces are the accessory that will rock your look. But no matter which pair of shoes you choose to wear with your braces, you're sure to catch everyone's eye.
Braces are particularly well suited to bold, urban women who are going for a total boyish look with navy colours. Worn over boyish trousers, or skinny leather trousers with an open white shirt, black braces bring a lot of class to the outfit. On the contrary, with a tight top like a leotard, and by varying the colours, the effect will be more sporty and very dynamic. Women's braces (link to /women's braces) can be worn over skinny jeans or shorts in summer, without a belt. With a swimming costume in the style of a sailor suit, or a low-cut top with lace, the effect is striking. On a red suit, fancy or coloured straps will bring a touch of playfulness to a bare back top. Women's fashion straps also go very well with a resolutely feminine look, with a skater skirt or a very long and colourful skirt. Depending on your temperament, you can combine your outfit with pumps, a pair of brown sandals or ballet flats. Thanks to their strong straps, they will never let you down.
Men's braces can make you look cool or very stylish depending on how you pair them with other pieces of your outfit. With a pair of beige linen trousers, khaki or off-white wedding braces are appropriate. On the other hand, for a very chic casual look, it's a good idea to dare to wear high-waisted trousers with a double pleat on each side of the waist. With a brown chino or jeans, the best men's braces are the accessory that will give a punch to a rather sober initial outfit. This urban style is timeless and allows you to blend in with any everyday situation without any taste mistakes. As long as you don't add a belt, patterned straps go with everything you wear, even with a pretty bow tie. With wide or extra wide patterned straps, longer straps will allow the more athletic to show off their body, with a tight swimming costume or a sailor suit. White Y-shaped straps are interesting because they tend to slim the figure and can be combined with many colours.

Braces, but not only braces!
Woven or leather belt, the choice is yours

After our range of braces, discover our range of belts. Braided or leather, you can choose the model you like best.

These fine, delicate accessories are the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. The colourful braided belts slim the waist and add character to your look. Available in many colours, you can always find a shade to suit your mood. The braided belts (link to /ceinture-tressee-made-in-France ) for men and women are accessories made in France and designed in elastic, flexible and resistant materials. As they are stretchy, they are suitable for all body types and do not need to be pierced to fit around your waist.
Vertical l'Accessoire first developed a classic range inspired by the dress codes of the 50s and 60s. These are little jewels, with an exceptionally fine weave, available in various colours. Some colours, such as burgundy combined with white, are quite showy, while others, such as black, khaki or beige, are more discreet. There is a specific range for men and another range with more feminine colours.
The Made in France brand then completed its range of braided belts with a premium collection with a muted style and discreet colours. Aesthetically pleasing and very strong, they carry the Vertical l'Accessoire logo, as do the belts in the classic range. Several weaves are used to present various models with a mottled or felted look. The colours are mixed together to create very aesthetic and original accessories.
Vertical l'Accessoire has thought of brightening up your wardrobe with cowhide belts in soft or more assertive colours. To give you even more pleasure, the Made in France brand has thought of associating interchangeable buckles to vary the colourful experiences.
Vertical l'Accessoire's leather belts for men and women are made of genuine cowhide. They are available in several sizes, from 85 cm to 110 cm, to fit your body type. The original buckle is in aged silver and the colours are rather discreet and classic to go with any outfit. The camel belt, as well as the brown one, are perfect to accompany jeans or a chino. The black or blue belts can also be worn with suit trousers.
Hubert Martin's brand has looked for a way to add colour to your everyday life, without forcing you to have an accessory for every day. The idea is nice, because it consists in offering buckles of different colours that can be adapted to the same basic belt. So you can choose the colour of the buckle to match a piece of your look, such as a scarf or laces. This alternative is a great way to bring cheerfulness and optimism into your daily life.