My pair of braces, my belt with interchangeable buckle Vertical l'Accessoire, how to choose them? How to use them?

What size for my braces?

Vertical l'Accessoire has decided to provide you with an original, trendy but also... Practical! So don't make a mistake when choosing the size of your braces. Depending on the model, we have 1, 2 or 3 sizes (sorry, we are in transition to a one size fits all system!) In short, we used to have size M (115cm) and size L (130cm). Since the beginning of this year, we are switching to a standard size (120cm) to facilitate our logistics. But some of our references are still available in several sizes. So :

You are a woman or a man under 1m80 = Size M or standard size

You are a man over 1m80 = Size L or standard size

Return conditions!

At Vertical l'Accessoire, we automatically offer to return your order if it does not suit you (except for sale products!).

How does it work? It's easy! You send us an email at [email protected] telling us that you want to return or exchange your order. Following this, we send you a return form. You print it out, stick it on a box and then head for the post office! Once the product is back with us, you will have the choice to be reimbursed or to choose another product. The return of a sold out product is of course possible, it is simply at your expense ; )

Attention, to be entitled to a refund or exchange, the product must of course be in its original condition!

How do I care for my braces?

The straps and other parts of your braces are made of leather and leather needs to be maintained! So that your straps are ready to face all the hazards of life, don't forget to waterproof them! This is how they will keep their most beautiful complexion in all circumstances...

Those claws are tough!

Be careful ladies, don't break a nail! Because yes, Vertical l'Accessoire clamps are tough... They know what they want: to never let you down! Don't worry, if these little ones give you a hard time at first, they will soon be won over and will open up to you very quickly. All you have to do is ask them as much as possible!

And why not give this beautiful box a second life?

And yes, as you will have noticed, the packaging is just as well thought out as the product it contains! So don't hesitate to use your box to store important documents, to slip in those famous yellow coins that invade us or to make a real memory box containing photos, love notes and other happy memories...

When I don't wear my braces, where are they?

If you sometimes opt for its little sister, the belt, then don't forget to hang your braces somewhere or even roll them up... Because yes, it is strictly forbidden to twist or even to leave them under tension, as they will suffer greatly if you leave them in an uncomfortable position! They may well suffer from this bad experience for life... Believe us!

What size belt with interchangeable buckles?

Your interchangeable buckle belt should fit you perfectly!

To be sure to choose the right size, nothing could be easier, refer to your size guide. All you need to know is your pant size!

<34 = 80cm
34-36 = 85cm
38-40 = 90cm
42-44 = 95cm
46-48 = 100cm
50-52 = 110cm

What size should your genuine leather belt be?

Contrary to popular belief, the belt size is not the measurement of the belt from one end to the other, but the measurement between the buckle and the 3rd hole. This is how all belts are measured.