San Francisco, Autumne 2014. 

« Hey what’s up my man ? Those suspenders are way too cool. Where did you get them ? »

From this sentence is born Vertical l’Accessoire, on December 2015. 

Its very first accessory? Suspenders. 


Quickly, Vertical’s offer expands and an other accessory joins the family : the belt. Braided belt first, then the removable buckle belt. 


The brand puts the Made in France at the heart of its DNA and chooses to produces locally for a better quality. 

Vertical l'Accessoire in an invitation to originality.

                    Logo BPIFRANCE

How to use

MY VERTICAL L'ACCESSOIRE SUSPENDERS: WHAT SIZE SUSPENDERS SHOULD I CHOOSE? Vertical L'Accessoire decided to create not only an original and trendy accessory but also…Practical! So don’t make a mistake choosing the right size. We recommend the following: Large: for anyone 1m85 (6ft1) or taller and with an average/slim build or 1m80 (5ft9) or taller and has a more athletic/heavy build. Medium: For anyone smaller than the measurements above...

HOW TO MAINTAIN MY BRACES? The straps are made of leather, which always needs to be well-maintained. So, in order to have your suspenders all ready to fight life’s hazards, don’t forget to rainproof them! That is how they will keep their quality and youth.

THESE CLIPS ARE PRETTY TOUGH! Watch out ladies, don’t break a nail! As a matter of fact, the Vertical L'Accessoire clips are pretty tough. They know what they want: to never let you down ;) So no worries, they will become more tender and easier to unclip over time. But, in order for that to happen you have to wear them!

WHAT ABOUT GIVING THAT BOX A SECOND LIFE? Yes, as you noticed, the packaging is as polished as the product which is inside of it! So feel free to re-use the box to put your valuable belongings, memories, or love letters in!