San Francisco, Autumne 2014. 

« Hey what’s up my man ? Those suspenders are way too cool. Where did you get them ? »

From this sentence is born Vertical l’Accessoire, on December 2015. 

Its very first accessory? Suspenders. 


Quickly, Vertical’s offer expands and an other accessory joins the family : the belt. Braided belt first, then the removable buckle belt. 


The brand puts the Made in France at the heart of its DNA and chooses to produces locally for a better quality. 

Vertical l'Accessoire in an invitation to originality.

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Our men's suspenders: Elegance for everyone

Straps with clips and buttons are the stars of the Made in France brand, which has been manufacturing accessories since 2015. They are available in several colors and widths to match your pants. They are trendy and modern and underline a look to energize it and give it an undeniable Frenchy pep. We will give you advice on how to make the right choice in our elastic suspender shop.

Timeless ties

The Made in France brand suspender is an elastic piece available in several lengths. Plain suspenders with buttons, fancy clip-on suspenders and children's suspenders are all opportunities to wear a trendy accessory. Red, burgundy or black, the suspender with clips is made of elastic stretch.

Thanks to a material composed of polyester and polyamide, they are ultra resistant and have a very fine and aesthetic weave throughout their width. The microfibers give them long-lasting quality, even with daily and intensive use. Their color does not fade over time and stays fresh as on the first day.

On the back, they are fitted with a cowhide leather triangle stamped with the name of Vertical Accessory to proudly display your membership of the Made in France brand. Wearing these suspenders is to belong to a stylish and trendy movement close to chic urban culture.

Mixed men's suspenders:

A manufacture with the best finishes Hubert Martin, founder of the French brand, is keen to have his men's suspenders manufactured in the best textile factories on a human scale. He entrusts their making to craftsmen with enlightened advice and who put all their know-how and their passion into it. This attachment to Made in France seemed obvious to him when he was studying abroad, particularly in the United States. As he wore a pair of black suspenders on a daily basis, he quickly noticed that this very fashionable accessory was very popular. He therefore had the idea of ​​creating his online store upon his return to France. To stick to current trends, he has created men's suspenders to be worn with pants and different widths depending on the choice of each. Noticing that fancy suspenders with the stars were on the rise, he included a line of polka dot men's clip-on suspenders that is one of the brand's emblems.

Thin, wide or extra-wide men's suspenders

Suspenders are accessories that lend themselves to all combinations of styles. However, there are winning combinations every time, to have an elegant, chic, or relaxed dandy look. We will see how to wear them to display elegant, sexy or just plain casual style.


Ladies, some tasteful rules to follow to put on your suspenders properly

Suspenders are particularly suitable for urban and daring women who adopt a total boyish look with navy colors. Worn over boyish pants, or tight-fitting leather pants with an open white shirt, the black colored suspenders bring a lot of class to the outfit. On the contrary, with a tight leotard-like top, and by varying the colors, the effect will be more sporty and very dynamic.

Women's suspenders can be worn over skinny jeans or shorts in summer, without a belt. With a sailor-style swimsuit, or a high neckline with lace, the effect is striking. On a red suit, fancy or colored suspenders will bring a touch of cheerfulness to a halter top.

Women's suspenders also go very well with a resolutely feminine look, with a skater skirt or a very long and colorful skirt. Depending on your temperament, you can pair your outfit with pumps, a pair of brown sandals or ballet flats. Thanks to their strong attachments, they will never let you down.


Gentlemen, look ideas with suspenders according to your style

Men's suspenders give you a cool or very elegant look depending on the combination you make with the other pieces of your outfit. With beige linen pants, suspenders in khaki or off-white colors will be very appropriate. Conversely, for a very chic casual look, it is fashionable to wear high waisted pants with a double pleat on each side at the waist.

With brown chinos or jeans, men's suspenders are the accessory that will add punch to a rather sober initial outfit. This urban style is timeless and allows you to blend into all everyday situations without lack of taste. As long as you don't add a belt, patterned suspenders go with all your clothes, even a cute bow tie.

With wide or extra-wide patterned straps, the long straps will allow the more athletic to showcase their body, with a tight-fitting swimsuit or a striped sweater. White Y straps are interesting because they tend to slim the figure and go well with many colors.


Braided belts to buckle in all seasons

These fine and delicate accessories are the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. The colorful braided belts refine the waist and add character to your look. Available in many colors, you will always find a shade according to your mood of the day.

Braided belts for men and women are Made in France accessories and designed in elastic, flexible and resistant materials. Since they are stretchy, they are suitable for all body types and do not need to be pierced to fit your waistline.

The classic, fine and precious range

Vertical l'Accessoire first developed a classic range inspired by the dress codes of the 50s and 60s. These are little gems, with an exceptionally fine weaving, available in various colors. Certain colors like burgundy combined with white are quite showy, while others like black, khaki or beige play the card of discretion. There is a specific range for men and another assortment with more feminine colors.

The premium, elegant and select range

The Made in France brand then completed its braided belt shelves with a premium collection with a felted style and discreet colors. Aesthetic and very strong, like the belts in the classic range, they bear the Vertical l'Accessoire logo. Several weavings are used to present various models with a mottled or felted aspect. The colors are mixed together to create very aesthetic and original accessories.

Leather belts, a removable and clever accessory

Vertical l'Accessoire has thought of illuminating your dressing room with cowhide leather belts available in soft or more assertive colors. To give you even more pleasure, the Made in France brand has thought of associating interchangeable buckles to vary the colored experiences.

Classic leather belts

The Vertical l'Accessoire men's and women's leather belts are made from genuine cowhide leather. They are available in several sizes, from 85 cm to 110 cm, to adapt to your body type. The original buckle is in aged silver and the colors are rather discreet and classic to accompany any outfit. The camel belt, like the brown one, is perfect for pairing with jeans or chinos. Black or blue belts can also be worn with dress pants.

Cowhide leather belts with interchangeable buckles

The Hubert Martin brand looked for a way to add color to your everyday life, without requiring you to have an accessory for every day. The idea is nice, because it consists of offering buckles of different colors that can be adapted to the same basic belt. So you can choose the color of the buckle to match any piece of your look, like a scarf or laces. This alternative is a great way to bring cheerfulness and optimism into your daily life.

All of our men's suspenders and belts are in stock

Do not hesitate to order from the Vertical l'Accessoire website, stocks and prices are regularly updated according to current promotions. All our models are subject to home delivery at short notice, usually less than a week. Take care to check that the length of our models corresponds to your morphology. For belts, you have a size guide to guide you in your choice before ordering.

Our collection is in perpetual motion with new products added regularly. Whether they are fancy suspenders for men, women and children or braided belts, we regularly create new elastic bands for your clothes by offering a large stock.

By regularly checking prices on the Vertical l'Accessoire website, you can be sure that you are making the best purchases at the most advantageous times. Then all you have to do is wait for the delivery.

Where did the suspenders trend come from?

The origin of suspenders goes back several centuries, in France, when men wore strips of fabric sewn onto their pants. At the time, the accessory was extremely popular and well regarded but it was considered an undergarment and was not to be visible in public.

Suspenders became less popular in the 20th century, when pants weren't worn so high. But fortunately ! Humphrey Bogart and Ralph Richardson wore them in their films, the latter even rushing to buy six pairs when World War II broke out fearing there would be a shortage when the fabric was rationed.

Choose your men's suspenders?

Suspenders are making a comeback. Whether you want to have a special style at an event or a party, you will significantly stand out from the crowd, give style to your outfit of the day or give a little spice to your casual outfit, the Vertical suspenders l accessory offer you a colorful, versatile and made in France style for almost all the occasions that life throws at you.

Choose Vertical l'Accessoire for your accessorie

For your accessories, if there is one name to remember, it's Vertical l'Accessoire. Our suspenders are refined ambassadors of Made in France accessories for your dress style.

Our high-end quality accessories for men and women are available in several colors with quality and very resistant materials. You can adopt a total chic and urban look thanks to our most beautiful collections.

So that you adopt a relaxed dandy look and an elegant style, choose your pair of suspenders from an eclectic and daring range.

Our men's suspenders a premium quality

The suspenders for women and men from Vertical’s Accessory are made with high-end materials. They come in several styles and colors. In our online store, the suspenders can be colored bourdeaux, red, blue, khaki, green, black or orange. Our suspenders all have one feature that will enhance your style.

Wearing the brand's multi-colored suspenders for men and women is the guarantee of standing out at a party or in everyday life. And it is also presenting itself as wearing a high-end Made in France accessory made in the hands of the best local artisans.

How to put them on your suspenders

Wearing suspenders for men and women is a daily pleasure. Indeed, you can adapt your pair of suspenders to many outfits.

With a badboy or boyish look, suspenders for men and women are the most that will make all the difference.

The suspenders for men and women and ideal for all styles of clothing for a cowboy look for men or girly for women the suspenders of Vertical the accessory will make your look vibrate. But, whatever pair of shoes you choose with your suspenders, you are going to be a real eye-catcher.

Order our men's suspenders on our online store

All our suspenders for men and women have received many positive reviews for the quality but also for the originality of our Vertical suspenders, the accessory. They are the subject of extensive design and production to bring you only the best pairs of suspenders.