"What's up my man? These suspenders are way too cool! Where did you get them?"

San Francisco, Autumn 2014

That compliment heard over and over finally got me thinking that I may have a potential business in my hands. Vertical l'Accessoire was created in May 2015. 

The brand takes advantage of an opaque border between sleek professional and urban chic style. Thanks to this new accessory, Vertical l'Accessoire is the brand representing a new generation of urban trendsetters of different professions and lifestyles.

The brand seeks to create an accessory that is both a fashionable addition to any casual/chic outfit. Adapting to a casual and professional style. Vertical l'Accessoire is the brand for both men and women and for those who define themselves cosmopolitan or sophisticated. Vertical l'Accessoire try to make cool and trendy suspenders : suspenders for all. 

Made in France, Vertical l'Accessoire offers a high quality product delivered in a high-end packaging. Offered in sizes of thin, medium, or wide and made in colors of blue, orange, and beige, the brand offers its accessory in different designs to whomever would like to add a touch of trendy French style and flair to their wardrobe. 

Subversive, original and classy, French and casual, these are the keywords that define Vertical the Accessory.

Hubert Martin, Fondateur Vertical l'Accessoire

Hubert - Founder/CEO.

I have traveled to Canada, South America, and then United-States, my studies allowed me to cross the world for five years. Those five years consisted of travel, professional experiences and meetings, after which I graduated with a Master in Business from Lindenwood University. But over that period of time, as if I wanted to remind myself my French roots, I would never go out without a cool pair of suspenders. And you know what? Wherever I would go, I would always notice enthusiasm from people staring at my suspenders. I would wear them with jeans, over a tee shirt or with a bouton shirt. Thus, I decided to create Vertical l’Accessoire in May 2015. Vertical l'Accessoire: the cool and sleek suspenders made in France, for more trendy and original outfits.