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copy of Hazelnut braided belt

Looking for an original and unique touch? Vertical l'Accessoire offers you its braided belt model for men. With a neat design, the hazelnut braided belt is practical and stylish. A real must-have for men, this belt must be included among their clothing accessories. It is pleasant to wear as it is light. The hazelnut colour makes it beautiful.

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Premium cappuccino canyon phone strap

Looking for a way to stop losing your phone or have it with you hands free? Look no further than the Premium Cappuccino Canyon Lanyard in genuine leather with adjustable straps and steel carabiners.

This lanyard is handcrafted in France in Mazamet by talented artisans. 100% FRENCH VEGETAL TANNING: environmentally friendly, no chemicals used to treat the leather. All our leathers are worked in France.

It allows you to hang your smartphone around your neck or on your shoulder and adjust it to your liking. It measures 1m10 long and 35mm wide. 

Moreover, it comes with its patches! There is no need to buy a phone shell that fits this lanyard since the patches allow you to match your shell to the carabiners. This flexibility allows you to change the lanyard as you wish. 

📍 Made in Mazamet User Guide
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