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Premium phone strap black orange


Looking for a way to stop losing your phone or have it with you hands free? Look no further than the Premium Orange Black Genuine Leather Lanyard with its adjustable straps and steel carabiners.

This lanyard is handcrafted in France in Mazamet by talented artisans. 100% FRENCH VEGETAL TANNING: environmentally friendly, no chemicals used to treat the leather. All our leathers are worked in France.

It allows you to hang your smartphone around your neck or on your shoulder and adjust it to your liking. It measures 1m10 long and 35mm wide. 

Moreover, it comes with its patches! There is no need to buy a phone shell that fits this lanyard since the patches allow you to match your shell to the carabiners. This flexibility allows you to change the lanyard as you wish. 

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A strap to carry your smartphone! 

  The simplicity of the santa claus black lanyard gives it a real elegance. It is equipped with steel snap hooks, offering an ideal support. The plain color of this strap keeps its shine over time thanks to the quality of the leather. The shoulder strap is made in France, which makes it a quality strap with a lifetime guarantee. This model is perfect for men and women who, while being very trendy, want to carry their phone in all simplicity. With its width of 35 mm, it brings a note of style at the same time light and noticed which will make all the difference.  The French origin of the black santa clos straps, reinforces the Frenchy style to which they belong, coveted worldwide. 

This phone strap is made of 100% cowhide leather. They are designed by French and local companies, an undeniable ethical and ecological advantage.

The strap is made of leather and leather needs to be maintained! So to make sure your strap is ready to face all the hazards of life, don't forget to waterproof it! This is how it will keep its most beautiful complexion in all circumstances... How to feed your leather? On a cloth, gently apply a colorless nourishing milk in circular motions.

One size fits all thanks to its adjustable straps! 

It measures 1m10 long and 35mm wide. 


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Fabriqué en France

Les accessoires Vertical l'Accessoire sont fabriqués en France dans nos ateliers partenaires. Acheter nos accessoires, c'est soutenir l'économie et les emplois de notre pays. Cocorico !

Qualité au top !

Nos accessoires sont conçus pour durer. Acheter moins, mais acheter mieux. Les matériaux utilisés sont soigneusement sélectionnés afin de fabriquer des accessoires qui vont vous accompagner plusieurs années. Tous nos produits sont garantis à vie !

La mode éthique

Une fabrication locale, c'est aussi moins de transports. Les rythmes de production sont humains et 80% de nos artisans fabriquent le produit de A à Z. Nous attachons une grande importance à la qualité des ateliers avec lesquels nous travaillons.