Indeed, you who don’t leave your pair of running and your holed jean or who spend the weekend in tracksuit, how about daring suspenders? Wear this pair of “Cannoises” and bring a dandy and gentleman look to your style, which will make fall more than one for sure!

2- Be CHIC

The symbol of chic in the thirties, suspenders come back, and with power! Show that you’re trendy but not too much : a jeans with a shirt? Too classic ... But with a discreet pair of suspenders, you’ll be special!


You do not want to blend in with the crowd but you do not dare to get out of the classic scheme: jean-shirt (casual look) ...? Suspenders are made for you! This brings a touch of originality, a "little something that others don’t have" but that one does not necessarily notice ... This is the key to originality, all in subtlety! This pair of “les françaises” will give you confidence!

4- Be SEXY 

You who are still looking for your weapon of seduction, do not search any more ... The suspenders! If with all these previous tips you are not satisfied, you have to know that these suspenders will give a woman an irresistible desire to catch you ...! That’s not what you want? With this pair of fine “Lilloises” you will rock everything!  

Vertical L'accessoire - Be sexy

5- Be YOU 

Finally, you who have sought for so many years your own identity, here it is. It falls into your hands: The braces. These will showcase you, dress you up for any occasion and make any of your outfits chic and sexy ... So what are you waiting for?

Vertical L'Accessoire - Orange Suspenders