That's it, spring is here, the weather is mild, the sun is shining, the days are getting longer so take out your suspenders and spring activities are yours!

I/ A bike ride

What better way to admire the beauty of Paris under the sun than by bike! On a Vélib or with your own bike, with friends or lovers, nothing beats freeing your mind than a short stroll along the banks of the Seine. This outing will be an opportunity for you to do some exercise and eliminate the good meals you tasted during the winter. In order to always have a look on top, wear this pair of mid-wide Cannoises and get on your bike!

II/ A picnic in a park

Who says spring, says lunch on the grass! Take out your most beautiful checkered tablecloth and your most beautiful wicker basket, this afternoon is picnic! Eat a salad or a small homemade sandwich while strolling on the lawn. This pair of fine orangeoise will be perfect for you, it will color your outfit for this occasion.

III/ A drink on the terrace

You've all been impatiently waiting for it, it's coming back: the terrace!

Fancy a little coffee or a glass of wine? The terrace is back! On a rooftop or in a brasserie, this outing is a must when the sun is shining. Wearing suspenders is a must, this pair of fine Lilloises will give you a chic/casual style.

vertical l'accessoire bretelles

IV/ A day at sea

What if you get out of your daily life and go spend a day at the sea? The sky is blue, you have taken out your magnificent pair of French mid-sizes, all that's missing is the beach! Deauville, Cannes or La Baule, France has no shortage of cities that deserve to be visited!

V/ A walk in the forest

You who spend your days in the city, how about a little walk in the countryside? The trees are budding, the air is pure, accompanied by your better half, these few quiet hours will do you the greatest good! For the outfit? No headache, this pair of fine Avignonnaises goes with everything and its khaki color will help you become one with nature.

vertical l'accessoire bretelles

VI/ A tourist visit

And if for once you play the tourist? Even if you know your city or your region like the back of your hand, there is always a key place or monument, visited by everyone, that you particularly like: the Luxembourg Gardens for Parisians, the cliffs of Etretat for Normans or still the bay of Mont Saint-Michel for Bretons, sunny days are a reason to see or see these places again. With suspenders you will look like a trendy tourist.

vertical l'accessoire bretelles

VII/ An outdoor concert

Why not go listen and see an outdoor concert?

Electro, techno, jazz, there are a multitude of concerts and there is something for everyone! Winter is over, the coats are put away, a nice little V-neck sweater and this pair of mid-size Rochelaises and you're ready to party under the stars.

VIII/ Go play petanque

You, dear Parisian friends, why not go and play a game of pétanque on the Ile de la Cité? Whether you're shooting or pointing, proudly wear your suspenders and practice this uniquely French sport!

IX/ Enjoy a good ice cream

Who says sun, says heat! What could be better than having a cold Italian ice cream on the terrace or on the quays! take a walk in the company of this little sweetness and enjoy your beautiful day. Do not forget to combine this little moment of pleasure with your most beautiful suspenders. Mid-large Toulousaines will be perfect for this sweet snack!