The Sacred Heart

At 129 meters above sea level, the view of Paris from the Sacré Coeur is one of the most amazing. You overlook the rooftops of Paris, which seem to stretch on forever... But a view like this has to be earned !

You have the choice :


You can opt for the easy way by taking the funicular or opt for the torture...


Why choose Torture?



Climbing the 222 steps of rue Foyatier means firming up your rear end for guaranteed results.

2. Have a beer during a short break

And yes, an Irish bar is located right in the middle of the stairs... They don't lose sight of those! Wouldn't they be a bit sadistic?

3. The pleasure of the challenge

Climbing the stairs is also an opportunity to have fun! Yes yes the agony makes you smile!

4. Save the price of the funicular ticket

1 euro 80 is always taken. Permission for a small ice cream as a reward after the finish line.

5. Be fresh for your selfies

Let’s not forget the essential selfie! “Me overlooking the most beautiful city in the world” #jesuistropswag

Blog - Vertical l'Accessoire - Nos conseils pour visiter les 5 plus beaux points de vue de Paris - Montmartre

Eiffel Tower

With its 360° view, don't miss the so-called Iron Lady! You can imagine that these 6 million visitors a year do not come just to see Paris but to admire it! Ready for several hours of queuing? Here, in Paris, we are testing your courage! The weakest give up and save 15€. But the very very brave who opt for the “staircase rate” option have a preferential rate of €5 (up to the 2nd floor...) Anyway, the Champ de Mars, the Ecole Militaire, the Montparnasse Tower and the Dome of the invalids will have no more secrets for you! (if you get to the top).

The Arc de Triomphe

If it seems difficult to find a real use for the Arc de Triomphe, we assure you, at least, that it offers a very nice view of all of Paris. A special favorite for its panorama of the Champs-Élysées on one side and the Esplanade de la Défense on the other.

Regarding access to the roof of the largest arch in the world, if you are suicidal we invite you to cross the roundabout (Place Charles de Gaulle). Your chances of reaching the sidewalk opposite are extremely low, know that, it can be useful! For the smartest, taking the Passage du Souvenir is safer and limits the excessive intervention of emergencies.

Blog - Vertical l'Accessoire - Nos conseils pour visiter les 5 plus beaux points de vue de Paris - L’Arc de Triomphe

Montparnasse tower

Ready to climb the steps of 56 floors? Rest assured, we prefer to avoid certain death! We will therefore invite you to take the elevator (women and children first). Arrived at the top of the tower, you can contemplate Panam from the roof terrace 210m above the ground (people with vertigo, abstain). Warning: You will be speechless.

Balloon from the André Citroën park

In the heart of the ultra-modern André Citroën park, a balloon awaits you! Above all, don't hit it, it's a captive balloon that takes you 150m high! You overlook the Seine and more particularly the west of Paris with La Défense, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and the TF1 Tower! Rest assured you will not have your head in the clouds since it is attached to the ground. We sincerely hope for you that all birds will be kind enough to avoid piercing the balloon during your expedition.

Blog - Vertical l'Accessoire - Nos conseils pour visiter les 5 plus beaux points de vue de Paris - Ballon du parc André Citroën

Alors vous commencez par lequel?