1. Be original

Suspenders are the perfect way to be original but never « too much ». If you like to blend into your surroundings and adopt an unremarkable look, so suspenders aren’t for you. Except if we can convince you at the end of the article.

2. With a good combination, you will win unanimous support

No fashion degree needed to associate it well. The accessory by itself can bring that “final touch” on your look.. No matter if your style is more rock, dandy, chic, casual… Everything is with the astute mix of colours and with the parsimony. This is the accessory we don’t think about, but we already love it when we start to wear it..

3. Abroad, you will seduce them all

We know how much French people are popular abroad. So, just imagine how much can be the quota of sex appeal with suspenders.. Don’t forget the sexy accent…We don’t spoil, test it by yourself. We promise, it doesn’t weigh heavily in the suitcase!

4. A weapon of mass seduction

Suspenders won’t make you look attractive only abroad. Wherever you will wear it, you will give one more opportunity to grab you . You’ll have been warned!

5. It will make you look cool and relaxed

« "Put him wear suspenders and he'll be nice ». It's a bit the power of this accessory that increases your sympathy capital in no time. A Tom Sawyer of modern times.

6. Your pants will hold as well as with a belt

Aside from the stylish side, suspenders are practical as well . In 3-4 clips it will fulfil the contract as well as your belt. Avoid creating unnecessary fight between them by carrying the 2 at the same time. One will be better without the other.

7. The original and stylish gift

Finding the right gift is always a big task. So don’t search any more, we have in our super gift boxes the best suspenders ready to be packed in a nice gold paper.

8. A timeless wardrobe

As Coco Chanel used to say, « "fashion becomes out of date, style never" ». Our ancestors understood this by making suspenders an accessory of style. From the revolution to the present day, if it has gone through changing times this is for its « avant-gardist » side.

9. Appropriate dress required.

Full-dress or casual dress, suspenders is allowed to enter even for special occasions. Wear it to your wedding associated with a bow ties, you will make your lady fall under your charm.

10. Because the only bad reason would be to look like Steve Urkel

Unless you dare the combo big glasses, pants jumped, suspenders and line on the side, the Steve Urkel’s look will be well hidden.

Now that you have at least a good reason to buy suspenders, come and pick the ones that you like on vertical-l’accessoire.

You will at least find one designed for you!